Saturday, June 15, 2013

Shape it youre way.

Know the feeling of getting something new..?
I'm always very exited, especially when i get something i've designed myself. 
Today I got 2 boxes from shapeways, in the 2 collages below you can see
The last step of 3D printing....

These are the Aztec earrings we've ordered in Sterling Silver. OMG I love them!  
 These are 2 FutureChique Necklaces and 1 pare Geo Lux Earrings in Black Strong & Flexible(nylon) They turned out great!

Next month you will see a fotoshoot fearturing the full 2013 collection of FabMe Jewelry !

Thursday, June 13, 2013

3D printing for non-geeks

  • The first thing you'll need when you want to 3D print whatever is a "blueprint" of your design.
    (Or look on 3D model sites like

  • Then you'll need a 3D printer or a 3Dprinting sevice/marketplace like Shapeways to print your design.

  • You can choose different materials like nylon (different colours), stainless steel (bronze/gold plated), silver.

  • They will print your design adding layer by layer to make your model and ship it to you.

Now youre thinking that sounds easy ?
I've heard a kid can do it too with PlayDough so why not you!  
Look at this fun video about the 3D printing comunity @ shapeways :  

That's the magic of 3D printing!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Let me fab You


This is the first blog I'm writing !
Together with my boyfriend we run a design studio focused on 3D-printing.  
On this blog you can follow all the new designs of FabMe,
this in combination with facts about 3D printing will make up an Amazing blog,
everything you can think of has the possibility to become reality!   

I like Fashion al lot so get ready and let me show you my vision and passion together with Cool new stuff and last but not least our beautiful new FabMe Jewelry line!!  


In my first collage you will see crazy Aztec fashion which I love!!!
The necklace and earrings are from fabme Jewelry you can find these on 

Goodbye for Now -x-