Thursday, June 13, 2013

3D printing for non-geeks

  • The first thing you'll need when you want to 3D print whatever is a "blueprint" of your design.
    (Or look on 3D model sites like

  • Then you'll need a 3D printer or a 3Dprinting sevice/marketplace like Shapeways to print your design.

  • You can choose different materials like nylon (different colours), stainless steel (bronze/gold plated), silver.

  • They will print your design adding layer by layer to make your model and ship it to you.

Now youre thinking that sounds easy ?
I've heard a kid can do it too with PlayDough so why not you!  
Look at this fun video about the 3D printing comunity @ shapeways :  

That's the magic of 3D printing!

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